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  • Do you feel alone?
  • Do you struggle with your child's challenging behaviors?
  • Do you dread the next call from your child's school?

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Here at Avalanche Advocacy Agency, Inc. we understand that the struggle to obtain services and rights for our children in Special Education is a constant battle. We have been there with our own children and recognize that Special Education does not lead to a specific destination, but rather is a journey. We are prepared to empower parents with the self-advocacy skills necessary to see their children succeed. 




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Think:Kids​ Mentor Group       

Monthly support group is FREE

  • Connect with parents & caregivers
  • Gain support in Think:Kids' Collaborative Problem Solving model. ​
  • Learn about valuable resources. 

Learn the skills you need to assure your child's success

advocacy services

Initial consultation is FREE

  • Record review
  • IEP & 504 Plans
  • TEAM meetings
  • Your Confidentiality Assured  

we help parents Find their inner power 


  • You and your child have rights.
  • There are strategies for dealing with the roller coaster of emotions .
  • Join other parents with similar concerns for parent skill building sessions, and our monthly support group.
  • Learn about the strategies for success.​
The public education system is the problem ​



You are not alone!

The dreams you have for your child are possible. You can learn how to fight for your child's rights and we can help you gain the confidence to advocate effectively for your child's educational needs.

​Making  a  Difference!

Avalanche Advocacy Agency, Inc. is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) devoted to educating parents and students on self-advocacy skills, special education rights, and educational practices as they navigate the complexities of the special education process.

Empowering parents & Children!

Avalanche Advocacy Agency, Inc. is dedicated to the notion that all people, no matter their ability, are the most knowledgeable about their dreams, desires and goals. Our vision is a world where individuals are able to self-advocate for their lifelong prosperity. ​


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